"Gareth in the Ruins" Illustration by Silvia Motti

The Ruined WorldFantasy

Centuries have passed since the Fall of the Ancients. By tooth and claw, the Dunhern clan carved out a new life for their people in the shadow of the ruined city. Yet the shadow of the past hangs heavy over the Carahg—is humanity forever doomed to repeat the same mistakes?

Book I:   The Boneweaver's Lament

At the edge of an ancient ruined city, Gareth Lochlain calls up the spirit of his dead child, determined to bring an end to a feud that has lasted for generations.   Consumed by grief and rage, he sets into motion events that will reverberate through the ages.

Book II:   The Pale Legion

Far above the storm-torn shores of the Carahg, brother turns against brother in a bitter fight for control of Caer Falan, while unseen around them the dead begin to stir.

Book III:   The Crimson Vale

A forest the colour of blood surrounds the village, and only whispers tell of the lands beyond.

Book IV:   The Shrieking Dark

Jarred by the death of his wife, and harboring a secret of his own, Gerard Davis abandons his home to seek out the mystery devouring the ancient city from within.

Book V:   The Broken Sky

In which the lands of Carahg are shattered, and the immortal Helmsmen are thrown down from the heavens.


There is a voice inside of Kestrel Eklund's head, and it isn't his own.

He's afraid of what the voice could make him do, and even more afraid of what he might have done four years ago, on the night the world shook. Not knowing how to save himself, he chases down supernatural occurrences, hoping for insights that could help him escape the madness awaiting him.

Book I:   Iratus / Chains

When Kestrel Eklund started investigating Alyssa Sheridan's death the case seemed straightforward enough, but nothing's been simple since the quake. Since they started slipping in. Events spiral out of control and Kestral must fight to protect those around him, all the while knowing that if he loses control he could destroy everything and everyone he loves.

Book II:   Bones / Blood

Winter descends, bringing a storm down on Easthaven. As the shadows lengthen, Kestrel Eklund finds himself between worlds, longing for a second chance at normal life. But can you ever escape the monster that's already inside you?

Book III:   Teeth / Machine

The past is inescapable; it latches tight and bites deep. To protect those around him, Kestrel must confront the darkness within himself.

The Living CityScience Fiction

Alexander Poulsen and Caelia Ackers sit on a rooftop, watching over a city being slowly devoured from within. At the heart of Abington, sealed away within the Quarantined Zone, an alien world of impossible life has taken root. Faced with separation and a future they find unbearable, the two children run away to take refuge within the Quarantined Zone.

Now, Alexander's mother chases after her son, leaving her life and career behind. Her mission takes her to the heart of the Living City, where she finds herself caught up in events that could reshape the entire world.